The Eras Tour – Taylor Swift in Era-zona

It’s me, hi!

I feel like this was in the *lost files* for a bit, but here it is!

I got the opportunity to attend the OPENING NIGHT CONCERT of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Glendale, Arizona.

I still can’t believe I get to say that!!! I have DREAMED about seeing Taylor Swift in concert for as long as I can remember! I grew up on her music & have listened to each song she played at least 100s of times. It was a dream & I am so grateful I got to go!!

As always, I am going to tell you about my experience & then offer some tips & tricks for you! Let’s dive in:

what I wore:

I wore two outfits; one for Taylorgating & the other for the actual concert! I even had a costume change in the parking lot.

I bejeweled the back of a plain dress with the word “eras” and the front had a jewel for each of her Albums: green (debut), yellow (Fearless), red (Red), purple (Speak Now), light blue (1989), white/clear (Reputation), fuschia heart (Lover), pale beige (Folklore), auburn (Evermore), mustard yellow (Fearless Taylor’s Version), Red (Red Taylor’s Version), and dark blue (Midnights).

I also wore these Black Rhinestone Boots that I wear all the time!

Then I changed into this strapless, sequin jumpsuit from Hutch with a black cap sleeve shirt underneath & the same rhinestone boot heels!

tips if you’re going to see Dr. Taylor Swift:

  • If, for some reason, you are able to pick where you are sitting last minute, pick your seat somewhere right next to the diamond or at the end of the catwalk. Taylor spends a bunch of time in both of those areas!
  • However, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a “bad spot” at this concert. In nosebleeds, you can see the amazing stage floor light up with all sorts of projections. In obstructed view, you can still see Taylor on the catwalk out & there are screens to watch as well.
  • Know YOUR stadium’s rules! I know last minute that State Farm said no writings on clear bags, but still let some in (like if they had patches on them). Water bottles had to be UNOPENED when you went through security. Just know the rules BEFORE you go!
  • One more thing about what you can/can’t bring: Don’t bring professional cameras! They won’t let you bring them in. “Professional” cameras are being classified as such if they have a detachable lens. If you want to bring a camera, bring a point and shoot! I borrowed one from my dad, but only took like ten pictures on it cause I was too busy using my phone. It’s great to have, but you can live with just using your phone!
  • DRESS UP & GO ALL OUT! Everyone was dressed so in theme. It was so fun to see all the costumes & inside jokes between Swifties! You won’t be alone in dressing up!
  • Buy the Merch you want early! It seems like merch is allocated per stop, not per day. As people who went to Glendale’s day two, were instantly sold out of the sweatshirts from the day before. Sweatshirts/The Crewneck were the most popular items. The merch line is always long (doesn’t matter if you go before or after) so hop in line & wait it out. Also, at State Farm stadium there WAS a merch shop on the floor, which was really nice to go to right after the show!
  • Lastly, BE PATIENT & KIND. With all the ticket issues, everyone fought The Great War to be there! Be kind to fellow Swifties, especially in the parking lot after the show; we all have to deal with the same crazy, slow traffic. Just be extra kind!

Thanks for reading along! If you are heading to a Taylor Swift stop soon, I am so excited for you!! It is truly a dream!

– Lauren

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