Hi, I’m Lauren.

but, you can call me L!

I like to have fun, learn a lot, be happy, play with a lot of glitter, & I have a NEED TO THEME!

I got sealed to my Prince Charming (otherwise referred to as Chad) in the Gilbert, Arizona temple in 2015. We still live in Arizona with our one-year-old and our spunky mini golden-doodle.


We love Disney & Harry Potter. Also, we incorporate Parks & Rec and The Office scenes/quotes into our daily conversations.

From a young age, I was always caught learning something new & sharing that knowledge with basically anyone I came in contact with! I love to learn & share things, especially while theming to ensure that people always remember a new piece of info.

Our life is fun & magical! Not because it is always perfect, but because we choose to see the good in everything.

Thank you for following along!

xoxo, L