My name is Lauren,

I am the leading lady behind Glitter & Happiness!

Over here you will see a lot of rainbows, color, & cute kids! 

Also a cute husband, but obviously he is taken 😉

I am a Jane of all trades!

Mostly finding my passions lie within writing all the things, photographing my two children, collaborating with other creatives, decorating for every holiday. & always adding new skills to enhance my passions. 

Do I ever end a sentence in a period?

Just so I don’t seem too crazy. BUT LIFE IS TOO FUN!!

Do I make daily references to Disney, Harry Potter, and/or The Office? 


If you don’t believe that motherhood is fun, you are doing it wrong! Fun doesn’t mean that it isn’t hard, but rather you are able to curate opportunities for FUN!

My motherhood season looks like finishing up homework assignments after we put the kids to bed, spending nap times learning all I can about my latest passions (like social media algorithms or reading Disney history) and of course, spending time with the world’s cutest children! 

I believe we don’t have to stop doing what we love as we have a family! 


Go for your goals & I’ll be cheering you on along the way! 

I would love to hear what your season of motherhood looks like or how I can better connect with you! 

Slide into my emails & let’s be friends!

magically yours,


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