Let’s put a face to the name!

Hi, I’m Lauren.

Mum to baby W & Wife to Prince Charming.

I am a whimsical capturer of weddings and families.

Forever in love with London, Disney, beautiful things, and the mindset of Community over Competition.




My photography journey actually started YEARS before I got a fancy camera.

I always wanted to take pictures. I always wanted to get to know different people from different walks of life and get a glimpse of what THEY were like. I wanted to spend time WITH people, which is such a contrast from the more anti-social society we are coming to. But, something always held me back.


I feared I would get lost in the sea of other photographers, since it is SUCH a saturated market. Fear that I wouldn’t ever be as good as some of the famous photographers I have looked up to. Fear of just never being able to measure up or amount to anything. Fear of failing and looking like a fool for doing so.

But, when my husband gave me an actual camera with a pretty little bow on our first married Christmas, fear fell by the wayside. I was excited to get out and shoot. To take pictures of WHATEVER I could!

I didn’t know how to work my camera, I didn’t know what an “editing style” was, I had no idea what to charge people, or even that lens determine a great picture.

That happened over and over and over, each time I was lucky enough to have my sweet husband pull me back and tell me “It is ok. You are just learning!”.

It is hard to remember that you are just learning when everyone else seems to be SO successful, right off the bat.


When I was fresh out of high school, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Most people, where I am from, go away to college because their parents can afford to send them. So, I was left in the dust. I had fun with the friends I had and made even more friends, but I had no purpose.

I decided to be the best person I could be, I would have to be the happiest version of myself. Honestly, I credit that moment to be one of those life-changing moments for me.

It isn’t about faking real life, because life is hard. But, it is choosing to be happy even when life sucks. And being happy when the world is against you and the things you want to accomplish, just don’t work out.

I decided to make life FUN. Make life a party.

& I never looked back.


So, here I am, an underdog who is trying to take the world by spreading just a little more glitter & happiness along the way!

Thank you for following along in my journey & supporting me every step of the way.




PS if you want to get in touch with me, CLICK HERE, or email me at hello@glitterandhappiness.com