doing disneyland with kids

The Happiest Place on Earth with Kids!

We love Disneyland and we just went for the first time since it reopened. Let me tell you, the magic is back! There is so many good things right now, especially before the fall festivities kick in. Any Disney park is a world of it’s own; there is a lot to learn, plan, and do!

where to stay

  • Tropicana Inn & Suites
    • walking distance option (3-5 minute walk to the parks). Next time, I want to swim in the pool and hot tub. It looked so fun after a long park day!
  • Country Inn & Suites
    • driving & parking at the parks
  • *If you don’t have a favorite place to stay near Disneyland, check out Get Away Today! It was so nice to book the hotel and get tickets all in one package.

tips for making disney enjoyable with kids:

  • Get your family photos, FIRST THING!
    • Trust me, you want those cute family pictures in front of the castle. Get into the park and get them before you hop on a ride. Everyone will be in a better mood to take them and it will actually get done. Win-Win!
  • Pop-it and fidget toys 
    • This has been a game changer! Little fidget toys come in packs on Amazon for pretty cheap and keeps kids quietly entertained for longer lines. My kids played with them all day long!
  • Use reuseable water bottles
    • Reusable water bottles are a great alternative for being environmentally friendly and saving money from having to buy water throughout the park.
  • A pencil case full of snacks 
    • Ok, this one sounds crazy, but it was so nice to have something see-through, where each kid could point to what they wanted and we got it out for them!
  • Go back to the hotel for naps 
    • If you’re doing multiple Disney days, this is such a nice option if you can. Both us and the kids enjoyed the break and helped sustain us through until park closing.
  • When they get restless, hop on a walk on ride!
    • Our hop on ride was Small World (DLR) and Little Mermaid (DCA). Both these rides were a great way to help break up the longer ride queues.
  • Save buying the souvenirs until the end of the trip
    • Instead of buying everything as soon as our kids see it, we have them wait until the end of the trip to buy what they want. It helps to cut down on the “I wants” and they know when to expect to get something, rather than telling them no the whole time.
  • Take a treat home to bring that magic home with you!
    • Our favorite tradition is grabbing a candy apple to bring home with us. It is so fun to enjoy a piece of the magic at home!

I hope your next Disneyland adventure is magical!

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– Lauren

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