our halloween book picks 2021

Holiday books are my absolute favorite type of books. The cute illustrations, the festive theme, and the time spent together reading is priceless!

Yet, before I dive into the best of the best Halloween books, I want to add a thought. Books can be a luxury to some and can be expensive at times. Seasonal reads are a great excuse to use and support your local library. The books linked below are affiliated links, meaning that I will receive a commission, if you choose to buy. If you haven’t heard of a title before, I recommend checking it out from the library; it’s great alternative to buying. And if you love the book, that’s when I recommend buying and allowing it to become part of your family’s library!

Over the summer months, all my four-year-old did was check out Halloween and autumn books from our local library. Meaning, I have spent A LOT of time reading basically every Halloween book out there. He wakes up everyday and asks, “is it Halloween time yet?” Though it was hard to think about Halloween during the scorching summer months, it has made us go through a lot of Halloween books! We were able to find a lot of great reads and enjoy this season a little longer than others.

Here are our favorites:

1// Gustavo The Shy Ghost by: Flavia Z. Drago

2// Bonaparte Falls Apart by: Margery Cuyler

3// The Fright Club by: Ethan Long

4// Just Say Boo! by: Susan Hood

5// The Ghosts Go Haunting by: Helen Ketteman

6// Vunce Upon A Time by J.otto Siebold and Siobhan Vivian

7// Ghost Eats It All by: Janee Trasler

8// Nightmare Before Christmas by: Tim Burton

9// Pick A Pumpkin by: Patricia Toht

10// Gilbert the Ghost by: Guido Van Genechten

If you have read any of these or have other favorite Halloween books, let me know! We still love checking out any all spooky season long!

stay spooky friends!


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