​heart season – ruettinger holiyays

Do you remember me? The women behind this little corner of the internet.



Maybe you remember my cute family?!


Ok, so it has been a while. I get it, I have been distant, but I SWEAR I haven’t forgotten about this little space. 

I love to write so I am writing it here & now, I will do better from here on out!

I know I missed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, however, I am just moving forward & starting with Valentine’s season!!


Watsy is at such a fun age! On top of everything else, he is very opinionated. He told us that his name is “Watsy” so, for the moment that’s what we mostly call him.

He loves so many things; at the top of his lists are dinosaurs, Aladdin & any holiday. We added dinosaurs to his room right before I delivered London (hello nesting!!) so this year, we added a little Valentine’s touch to them.


Watsy currently calls all hearts “circles”. It took us a while to understand what he meant by circles, however, one day we walked out onto our carport and Watsy just kept yelling “CIRCLES” and pointing at our neighbor’s home which was covered in cutout paper hearts. We have corrected and told him that they are hearts, but he is convinced that they are, in fact, circles.


Lots of days blur into each other in this season of life. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, it is go, go, go!!

I am trying to be better about pulling out my camera (& actually bringing my camera with me!) during those daily moments so we don’t let them pass by us. When my photographer friend, Shelby, said she had this cute balloon garland leftover, we knew we had to utilize this moment & take a cute picture!



The need to theme runs deep in my blood. I deemed this year’s theme, at least for Valentine Sunday, was “queen of hearts.”


What’s a queen without a king?!


Chad is holding the key he gave to me when I got on the plane to go to the MTC. All the heart eyes for this king of my heart!


I don’t get a ton of photographs with little Londy so, I am grateful that Chad snapped a couple of us two! Then Watsy wanted to get in on the camera action too. The more the merrier!



I woke up Valentine’s morning and walked into the living room to bright red, glitter-dusted roses with balloons & a new book. Sometimes it is a little freaky how well Chad knows what I like & what I like. Ultimately, it is just another testament to how much he is my soulmate!


Isn’t my ring a beauty?!

We wandered out to a family birthday party Valentine’s evening and when we returned home Chad had a surprise for the kids. They each got a book, balloons & a superhero that Chad picked for each kid.

Watsy got Spiderman & London got baby Groot.


The kids lit up. I am so glad I am married to a fun dad!


Before I go, I have to talk about this cute moment.

We made it out to see Chad’s grandma this last weekend and we got to introduce sweet Lou to her. Boy, did Lou turn on her charm! They kept making eye contact, neither one could really speak, but they just kept trying to reach for each others’ hands, inching closer & closer, missing every time, but finally, this happened.



Life has a way of showing up rosey during holidays, but I find more & more that it is what you look at that shapes your viewpoint. I love the saying, “life isn’t all sunshine & rainbows, but actually a good portion is.”


I hope your Valentine’s was all roses too!♡



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