Conference Prep Week!

The countdown is ON!

General Conference starts Saturday so, today we busted out our general authorities’ pictures.

Watson was so excited! He started yelling “eeeelsoonnnnn” for President Nelson & I felt like all my teaching was FINALLY paying off!!


By the end of the week, our wall will be full of modern-day apostles & prophets. It is so humbling to know that we are so loved by Heavenly Parents that have given us modern-day revelation.

They WANT us to know Them.

They WANT us to be happy & succeed.


In case you wonder how self timer photos at our house REALLY goes… usually Wats stands too close to the camera yelling “CHEEEEESSSEEE” while I try to get him to come over before the timer goes off.


Now, it’s off to find lots of activities for Watson to do while we watch the conference!

Happy Conference Week!

love always,



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