last of the baby bump (for now!)



Pregnancy has felt like 5 minutes & 5 years at the same time. It is so weird to even remember a time that I didn’t have this little girl growing inside me; it feels like another lifetime. However, that’s the beauty of it! This is starting a new season of my (& our family’s) life.

No matter what, for a long while now, there is this ONE SPOT on my stomach that she always is in. Personally, I am convinced it’s her foot or something! It’s going to be so weird for me not to immediately reach there & feel her. However, I will be super glad to not have the pain of her stretching whatever it is there until I almost scream out in pain lol

I can’t wait to actually meet this sweet girl of ours. I have felt her sweet, calming, happy spirit & excited to see the joy she brings into our family.

Everything has been prepped.

Due Date came & went.

& she is finally here!! 

more soon…


Love you already baby girl!!


magically yours,


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