to infinity & beyond

Sorry that this post is far delayed, but better late than never 😉


When we got up to Payson, back in May, (click here for our little weekend recap), we discovered this cute cabin next door that looked like it was made of LINCOLN LOGS.

It immediately made me think of Toy Story! Then I had the thought, Watson had Buzz Lightyear jammies!!!

It is no doubt that we made a fun Toy Story Disney Bound out of it!



I can’t handle the cuteness!

Watson has a Woody & Alien, that he just loves! (they were Chad’s toys growing up so it is fun to see them past on) With Chad’s parents moving, they just gave him their Buzz Lightyear toy & it’s safe to say that it is quickly becoming Watson’s favorite!!

Watson yells “BUZZZ!” or “oody” (Woody) anytime he sees anything to do with them & constantly wants to watch the trailer over & over.

Chad took him on a little date on weekend to see the 4th movie and he sat through the entire show! I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so we can have a family movie night.







magically yours,





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