sparks flew – 4th of July 2019

Happy Birthday, America!

I used to HATE having my birthday so close to the fourth of July, but the older I get, the more I love it. Also, it gives me the need to theme! haha

I love this great country that has so many opportunities & freedoms. I am thankful for the privilege to be an American & for so many to have risked their lives to allow us to have the freedoms we have.

Even our home got in the patriotic spirit this year:


Especially being a parent now, I hope with all the BBQs & swim parties, I can teach my kids why July Fourth is so important; it’s the day our country was established!!

But for now, we will munch on firecracker popsicles & discuss independence.

We spent the day with my side of the family (most of Chad’s side was packing to move!). We ate my dad’s burgers & played games. It was really laid back, but Watson had so much fun with his cousins!!


Chad even got a nap!!

So, win-win.

Happy Birthday, America. We sure love you!!

sign off



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