baby girl update

Hi, it’s been a while since I gave an update through my second pregnancy so,

here we go!


I am 33 weeks with baby girl.

I had an ultrasound this week.


Yep, the third ultrasound aka one more than usual.

At my last appointment, I was measuring 3 weeks behind where I was supposed to. This appointment, I am still measuring 2 weeks behind. So, my doctor decided to do an ultrasound to check on baby girl.

However, everything was measuring good on the ultrasound & she is happy as a clam where she is. She is just farther back than normal or in other words, I am carrying her more in my back; which would explain why EVERYONE (even my doctor) likes to inform me that I don’t even look pregnant!


During the ultrasound, she kept using the placenta as a pillow and holding her arms close to her face (like I do while I sleep). When the ultrasound tech was trying to get her profile, baby girl was actually sticking her tongue in & out!

We have narrow a lot of our list of names; down to 3!

Her favorite times to kick/move is right as I am going to bed & when I first wake up.

I don’t know if it is because I am downhill or if it is the summer heat, but I am getting more & more exhausted. Basically, I need a nap like every day!

I don’t have many cravings at the moment, but I did cry over wanting Cheesecake Factory Calamari the other day, which I got on Saturday 🙂

Watson is getting ready for sister, but loving the last of the solo time with me. & He is really growing into his own personality!

Also, I made a lot of headway on her nursery. When Watson was born we were in a one bedroom apartment so I didn’t ever get to do his room before he came. So, this time around I am excited to actually “nest” haha! However, we do still need to get a crib & curtains! It is still a ways from getting finished, but hopefully, I will get some pictures of it soon!


Also, my cute dress was gifted to me from PinkBlush Maternity! YOU CAN FIND IT HERE!

Until next time!

sign off

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