11 things we love about Chad – Father’s Day 2019

It is Monday, again!

Time for 11 things to start out the week, but this week it is all about the RAD DAD, CHAD!

Since yesterday was Father’s day, we can’t seem to stop celebrating our favorite dad.

  1. You work hard to provide for our family & we appreciate your sacrifice in your role.
  2. You never turn down the opportunity to jam out to Hamilton!
  3. You do FUN things! Like set up our camping tent in our living room on a random day, & never turn down an opportunity to go on an adventure (even if it’s just to get dessert).
  4. You always have the solution to everything! Can’t hang a flag on brick without nails? You will come in with command strips & hang it while you are sleeping.
  5. “So what kind of tie are you getting me for Father’s day this year?!” Because sometimes even I am predictable 😉
  6. You play HARD!
  7. You have a goal to teach Watson about every sport & so far, Watson has loved every. single. one.
  8. You let me sleep in every day, but we both know it’s so you can get one on one time with Watson.
  9. You work so hard to make sure you get home in time for bedtime just to say “goodnight” & do family prayer.
  10. You take care of the things around the house like taking care of the pool, taking out the garbage, & always fixing everything up. & YOU LOOK SO GOOD DOING IT!
  11. You’re the real MVP, Chad. You are beyond anything I could have hoped for in a spouse & even more as a father.





ps sorry, our tripod only got a blurry family picture this year!! still love you!!

sign off



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