11 things

I almost forgot to do my 11 things to start off the week, but I have been on a roll so I didn’t want to quit!

  1. I actually got scripture study in today! I am not the greatest, but I hopefully can keep it going throughout this week.
  2. This last weekend was rough with some medical stuff going on, but I think I am on the mends so YAY!
  3. I took absolutely no pictures over the weekend. It was just a super low key weekend!
  4. I actually got the house back to normal & actually clean.
  5. I am trying to be off my phone less this week. Basically, I have been shutting my phone in my bedroom throughout the day so I don’t have the temptation to peek at it all the time; so far, it is working great!
  6. Baby girl has moved so much more today than most days!
  7. I found some more cute swaddles for her; you can never have too many blankets for babes, right?!
  8. My friend’s baby shower is this weekend. I can’t wait to spoil her & baby!
  9. Watson smells my fake flowers in my front room at every opportunity he can.
  10. Literally, have SEVERAL projects I want to do before baby (most include adding more color to our house!) so I started a list hahaha
  11. During his nap today, Watson got into his musical instrument box (LIKE HOW?!?!) and started playing rattles until I came and got him!

I hope your week started fantastically!

sign off

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