11 things

Happy Monday!

Here are 11 things to start off the week:

  1. We are starting our summer reading chart today! We are doing a little modified one with stickers for how many books we read daily. Hopefully, it makes reading fun during the hot summer months!
  2. Currently craving a sweet so I am munching on chocolate chips 😉
  3. Watson wants to sit more at the table instead of his high chair. When do kids transfer over?! I am thinking he will soon!
  4. I have been watching all the coverage of Star War’s Galaxy Edge & it looks phenomenal! I absolutely love how branded EVERYTHING Disney touches is.
  5. I FINALLY got the laundry put away last night! PRAISES!!!
  6. I woke up & cleaned the rest of the house today so that it would be a freaking great Monday.
  7. We went swimming all Saturday! I got a couple new swimsuits (to get me through summer while being really pregnant) & they are so comfortable & fun!! (see pic below)
  8. Trying to figure out how to make summer fun as an ADULT, specifically for a stay at home mom. Suggestions would be great!
  9. Feeling REAL DIY-y today! I think I am going to finish painting Watson’s number puzzle (from Ikea) & figure out how I want my summer mantle.
  10. Watson is saying more & more, but my current favorite thing he says is “veee” for Lovey. But, he started singing lately to things & that comes in a close second 🙂
  11. IT IS SUCH A GREAT DAY! Monday is coming in hot & positive today with lots of motivation & creativity!


Hope your Monday is magical too!

sign off

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