weekend adventures in the mountains




It is always tough coming back home after a weekend adventure, but we LOVED our time in the mountains this last weekend!


We were going to go up on Friday, but it got later & later so we decided to head out early Saturday instead. I am so glad we did! We ended up taking a back way into the cabin (thanks, GPS!!) & it was down a dirt fire access road. If we were doing this in the middle of the night, it would have been a crazy adventure! We got up there & spend the day exploring.



We had a little creek in the back, but down the way, there was a little waterfall & pond. Watson absolutely was in HEAVEN! The waterfall was definitely his favorite part!





It was an absolute blast to spend the weekend with our family in Payson! There were so many games played, jokes told, & laughs given.


There is one last part of our Payson adventure, but it deserves its own post 😉

So, stay tuned for a fun Disney bound!

But, in the meantime, enjoy our little video of our adventure…


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