11 things to start the week

Happy Tuesday! With yesterday being Memorial Day, it is the beginning of my week so I decided to make a quick list of how my week is starting off…

  1. Haven’t logged on to my online class so I don’t know what I’m in for for the week yet *nervous laughter* 

2. My child now say “taco” so obviously, we go to Taco Bell a little TOO often!

3. My house has half-unpacked bags everywhere but I love that first night back home where we all slept a little better in our own beds.

4. Although ^ it was a little sad that I didn’t get to cuddle Watson last night as he slept in our bed all vacation.

5. I had my glucose test this morning.

6. I have to start going to the doctor every two weeks, which is suppppperrrr funnnnn. Hello, third trimester!

7. Baby girl still is nameless hahaha

8. Watson got a new hat for our cabin trip this last weekend & I absolutely DIE whenever he wears it. (see pic below)

9. I bought a new pack of markers!!

10. Missing Chad hardcore after having him to ourselves all long weekend long!

11. Missing the cabin life where all we did was play! (here is a picture from this last weekend!)


Happy new week, friends!

sign off

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