bumpdate: 26 weeks


Hi, in case you didn’t realize,

YES, I am pregnant with baby #2!

I am 26 weeks along so we are in the downward hill.

bumpdate-26 weeks.jpg

We are having a GIRL! (in which Watson keeps telling me “sissterrrr” all day & it’s the cutest thing ever)

But this time around has been SO different than when I was pregnant with Watson. I completely understand that yes, it’s normal to have completely different pregnancies especially when you have different genders, but it has been night & day on a lot of things!!

This time, it has just been harder. I have been sicker than I ever was with Watson. I basically laid on the couch and watched movies for 3-4 weeks when it was at it’s worst. I had migraines constantly at the beginning. I started losing sleep & felt more uncomfortable earlier.

HOWEVER, my mental health this time around has been so much better. Before with Watson, there was a lot of circumstances that made my mental health decline & I was pretty depressed (even though the world would never know it because my mental health is just that MINE). I have done things this time around that made me feel like “me” even though I am busy growing another tiny human.

Also, I have let go of the mentality of “I’m pregnant so I shouldn’t do…” Not to say that there are things I will absolutely not do while pregnant, like extreme roller coasters. But, I have given myself permission to let go of traditions & go with the flow.

With Watson, I felt in my mom gut right before we had our anatomy ultrasound that it was a boy. & This time, I knew it was a girl from the moment I saw the positive pregnancy test.

With Watson, when we found out it was a boy we already had a perfect name picked out & off we went. This time around, we have NO idea what we are going to name her.

I am so excited to grow our family. It is truly a blessing to have another baby come into our lives & our home.

happy 26 weeks!

sign off


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