our wild child – Watson’s birthday day

Being our wild child, we spent Watson’s birthday at the ZOO!


Last year, we spent it at Disneyland (flashback here) & we decided to upkeep the tradition of experiences over presents.

Watson has shown a lot of interest in animals lately… although Wats & I went to the zoo with a friend a little while back, we never have gone as a family so we chose to go all together! & it was a BLAST!

Watson was captivated by every. single. exhibit. Chad just kept telling him, “let’s keep on keeping on” after an appropriate time. Watson repeated what the names of the animals were & the sounds they made. He was so happy to just be there!!


He favored the snakes, turtles (of course!), “ingos” (flamingos), & the tigers.

It was so fun to see him in a new element that he absolutely thrived in.

When we got to the petting zoo, he baaaaaa-ed at all the goats & acted like they were long-lost besties.



He was especially gentle with them & even tried to kiss them all when we were heading out!


We paused for snacks & this bird was PERSISTANT that we WERE going to feed him. Well, Chad fed him a goldfish & he would not leave us alone after that! We even joked that he followed us around the rest of the zoo! hahah

I am so glad we did the zoo this year!!

We were all super tired after so we came home & crashed. When we woke up, we went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner! Obviously, Chad picked for Watson this year 😉

Then, we did a DQ ice cream cake for Wats with just our little family.



He went to bed with the absolute biggest smile that night.

It was truly the best day ever for him!

We love our little TWO-year-old!!

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