Watson turns 2!

Today is Watson’s SECOND birthday.

It seems so weird because he seems too young to be 2 but too old to ONLY be 2…


I am sitting here writing this while he takes his nap with his TWO lovies & his turtle. He is so different than anything I would have imagined my child to be. His apprehensive personality typically is the first thing people see. However, he brings such a calming spirit to anywhere he goes. You are lucky to get a smile out of him when you first meet him, but if he really likes you, you are VERY lucky! haha

Quick Stats for this 2-year-old:

Favorite Book:

Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony 

(which Watson refers to as “nom nom book”)


Favorite Color:

“lellow” (yello)


His little language:

“looolooloo” (water) “sideeeeee”(outside) “treeeeeeat” (treat) “ugggg” (bug)

“tor-tull” (turtle) “seester” (sister) “be-be” (baby)


Favorite thing to do:

find bugs (like the first picture below) or just be outside in general!


He absolutely LOVES anything to do with animals! That is why we are going to the Zoo this year to celebrate 🙂

He loves to see animals & tell us what noises they make. But, so far he loves to “meow” the most!

When we do screen-time (if you remember, we are trying to not do much if at all), he asks for “meow show” which is Daniel Tiger.

He talks to baby “seester” every day via her ultrasound picture and if we ask “where is baby sister?” he points to his own belly.

He loves feeling connected, especially to cousins.

He is spunky & determined.

He is cuddly & sensitive.

He is still a dream!


This year has been one of my favorites, but I have a feeling they all will be.

Happy birthday, Watson.

I love you so much (& dad does too!!!).

Here’s to being TWO!



PS we started a new tradition of turning our mantle into a shrine for birthdays so, here is Watson’s this year!




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