a bug’s life

Last week was BUG WEEK!

We started our garden unit, but all last week was about BUGS.




The greatest part? Chad (unknowingly) kicked off bug week in the best way!

Saturday night, he caught a massive moth in a cup & saved it to show Watson on Sunday morning.


Watson was a little apprehensive about it at first, but he warmed up & wanted to get closer.

& then we took it out back & released it back into the wild!




Wats got to crack open his “toob” of insects (which he had to wait all weekend for haha)


Then, we went outside & planted our “garden” (read: flowers).


Wats LOVED putting the soil into the bucket!


Then in went the seeds…


& then we put more soil on top. I watered them the first time, while wats practiced his watering on the concrete, to clean up the spilled soil hahaha


The rest of the week wasn’t as structured, but we did bug coloring pages & did lots of bug hunts!

(Bug Hunts are where he gathered his bugs & put them in the bug catcher then he would dump them out & start all over!)


This week, we are still talking about bugs because Watson is still loving them! But, we are focusing on talking about modern day apostles as General Conference is this weekend!!

So pumped!!


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