under the sea (creatures)

This week, our theme of the week was:

sea creatures!!


The weather in Arizona is finally warm enough to actually do this unit because I knew I wanted to include LOTS of water. & to be real, we will probably do this unit again in the dead of the summer heat!

Wat’s favorite activity was the sensory bin!!


We used:

Sea Creatures + funnels + a bowl + measuring cup + WATER!!


We did several variations of this sensory bucket over the course of the week, & it was a hit every. time.



Watson has (FINALLY) found a love for coloring so, we colored a lot this last week. Our printer is currently are out of ink so I took 2-3 minutes to draw up something on paper with a sharpie for him to color.



We read some of our favorite fish books:

-Pout Pout Fish

-Pout Pout Goes to School

-Pebble the Penguin

& Rainbow Fish



For fun friYAY! we watched Finding Dory (which Watson calls “Fisssssssh” hahah)

*this is also big because we have tried to do less screen time so it was definitely a treat for him!*


This week, we are starting our Garden unit & talking about BuGs!!

Here’s to more learning adventures!!


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