fun friyay!

“Parenthood is something that is just super fascinating to me”-what I read from someone’s Instagram story this last week. I realized that everyone parents SO different, but this inspired me to do things different & shake it up from how we usually parent.

For the last several days, we have decided to give Watson zero screen time. We didn’t do a ton to begin with but we got into the habit of watching a movie or a show a day. I have been SHOCKED at how different Watson has been. Disclaimer: he has never been bad or horrible, but zero screen time has made him talk more & just happier!!

With no screen time, I decided to bring some fun into the week. We are going to do fun friyays (like extra fun Fridays hahah)

This week, we made chocolate chip muffins together!


Watson was the muffin tin liner. He rocked it!!

I love making these little memories with my little friend!!

*also sneak peek at our kitchen that we are redoing šŸ˜‰

& they were delicious!!




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