on being m.i.a.

Wow, life got crazy REAL fast.

With our move, Christmas, New Years, ending a semester, starting a new semester, & having a toddler, life has been a lot of the same routine and mostly stuff that most wouldn’t deem too exciting. But, I have loved taking a slower season of my life (at least for the past month, can’t stay low for too long!).

Since our move, we have been living it up in our own backyard. Coming from the apartment life, we really have been missing a yard for ourselves (especially Goldie girl!).

& honestly, I haven’t been wanting to pick up my camera the last little while. Now, I know it sounds like I have been in a funk, but I feel like I have been more in a “surviving not thriving” phase for a little bit. It’s ok, we all go through ups & downs. The best part though is that it has allowed me to become really grateful for the simple things in life; my family, a home, and especially downtime with my love. We have been watching a movie at night & have been making it “our” time without phones or outside stuff.

But today, Wats & I made popsicles (of greek yogurt & strawberries) in the morning & they were ready to eat by the time Wats woke up from his nap. When he woke up we headed outside to eat them (cause MESSY) & I actually felt a yearning for my camera! So, I grabbed it & I’m so glad to capture such a simple time, but I loved it. Just my baby & our dog.


*do you love that we have a bucket full of orbez & a blanket in the background?! hahahaha REAL LIFE!


I have mentioned it before but I LOVE the relationship between Wats &. Goldie. We got Goldie when I was pregnant with Wats & I was so nervous having a puppy & a baby grow together, but it has been nothing but bliss!!


cheers, L!


PS I have a christmas vlog on my YouTube, but I didn’t take many actual photos (definitely not to dedicate a whole post to!) so CLICK HERE to check it out!

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