Wats @ 18 months


Baby, Watson your mind?

Yeah, you aren’t very much a baby anymore!

18 month recap:

  • says “ma”, “da da”, “na-ma”(grandma), “pa-pa” (grandpa), “go”, “go-go”(Goldie) & LOTS OF gibberish!
  • says “more” (both in word & sign language) FOR EVERYTHING. Want to go outside? “more” Want to color? “more”
  • signs “thank you” and says “you” with it every time he signs it
  • LOVES being outside. Yesterday, we went to the park & he loved every second of it.
  • thinks hangers are his favorite toysIMG_4084
  • I have been teaching with him and he is learning colors; so far, he knows and can say yellow, brown, red, and blue.
  • He will bring me the xbox controller in hopes I will turn on a show for him (usually wanting beat bugs)IMG_4094
  • this boy LOVES books!! If it gets real quiet, I usually find him surrounded by books, reading. He wants to read them though! haha His current favorites are Beekle, Pingo, Little Owl’s Colors, and Nephi gets the plates!
  • He is in the 98 percentile for his weight & like 65 percentile for height.
  • He still loves lovey. Of course, he now knows his favorite between the two we have!
  • He typically sleeps from 8pm-8am.
  • He eats like a mini Chad; already eating more than we anticipated! haha
  • He really likes those Disney Tsum Tsums
  • He explores everything
  • We are working on holding hands, which he hates.
  • He is a pretty introverted friend; he takes 20-30 mins to warm up to a new environment!
  • Pretty sure Goldie is his best friend. He can’t get enough of her!!


I love being his mom & I love this stage!!


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