I have a love/hate relationship with Arizona.

This time of year, it’s usually the “hate” time of the year.

I typically turn to people and ask “AND WHY DO WE LIVE HERE AGAIN?!” because it is basically the surface of this sun during summer.



BUT, the main reason we stay here (at least for now, LOL) is because we have our families here. However there is a lot to offer here: great neighborhoods, great friends, an amazing ward, lots of great people, MONSOONS, and AMAZING weather for 3-5 months of the year.



One of my favorite things is the cacti!! Although it isn’t that one week out of the year where the Saguaro flowers’ bloom, I still love to see these amazing plants.


Marlee Mae Everyday sent me this super soft tee & I LOVE it because it reminds me of my roots.

You know what they say,

be true to your roots!


xoxo, L


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