loving where we are

Honestly, I had a hard time after high school.

I felt like everyone my age left Gilbert, went to an out of state college, and never turned back.

I felt left in the dust.

I had good friends here and there, which eased the blow a little, but I grew to hate being in the town I grew up in.

Fast forward… I met Chad, we got married, and moved into our first ward as newlyweds.

We were in Mesa, which is the neighboring town to Gilbert so not exactly in the same place, but still like 5 miles away from my parents haha

I still was sad that we never got out of the “Gilbert (or Mesa) bubble”.

Now we live down the street from both our parents. We are currently in the same stake I grew up!

But, something changed.

Yes, our ward boundaries changed, but I started making effort.


I changed.

I started to reach out to those around me. & because of this, I made friends. So, I was happier.

Not only that, but I felt like I am starting to feel like I BELONG.

I belong here. I belong in this ward. I belong where we are now.

I changed myself and because of that, I gained AMAZING friends and am happier in my circumstances even though they didn’t even change!!


So, on this #sparklingsunday I am here to tell you,

if you aren’t happy in your circumstance,

in your surroundings,

in your relationships,

whatever it maybe,




You are able to change your attitude about your life by reaching outward instead of retreating inward.

You got this!

Happy Sabbath!!

xoxo, L


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