to the love of my life – 3 year anniversary

To the love of my life,

On this day three years ago,

we were married and sealed for time & all eternity.


I am so excited to begin yet another year with you.

Everyday, I fall deeper in love with you; usually it is something you do to make my heart swell & I just think to myself “uhh, I love him so much” or 99.9% of the time, I tell myself “I am just the luckiest”.

You always figure out new ways to show you love me.

You let me sleep in. You do the dishes. You want to take me on adventures. You surprise me with flowers before a date or just because.

You make time to kiss me goodbye every time you leave the house & always says “I love you” before you say bye on the phone, even if we are in the middle of a disagreement. You let me be myself. You boost me up. You keep me going!

You pushed me to keep doing photography after I cried and begged to be done, all because you saw the potential in me when I didn’t see it in myself.

You are my light out of the dark wilderness and you know exactly what to say and do to make me joyful.

You make my heart grow because I know how much the Gospel of Jesus Christ means to you. When I was going through a hard time after I came home from the MTC, I wrote a letter to you that reads “I kn(e)w everything would be alright because you honor the gospel, you are true to it, and love it with everything in you”; It’s still true today.

You are the perfect dad that I could dream of for our little baby & our future babies (ps definitely not pregnant). You crawled around the floor last night with Watson for at least an hour & you made him feel so special & so loved. (We are both so lucky to have you)


(sorry, could not, NOT post this picture again!! I love it too much!!)

You play and have fun with me.

You are my happiness. You help me succeed in life. You are my everything.

You are my king!! I am so in love with you & the kingdom we have built together.

Here’s to eternity of more fun times, laughter, lots of temple dates,

& more adventures!!


Love you forever, my Prince Charming!!!

xoxo, L

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