I used to HATE the fact that my birthday fell soooo close to Independence Day, but now I am glad to almost share a birthday with America 😉

For my 23rd year around the sun, I want to do 23 things!

1.  be more consistent!! (& follow through!!)

I am so so bad at being consistent! I want to make sure that I am consistently doing the things I love and being able to grow because of how often I am working on my dreams.

2. establish a routine!!

Going along with being consistent, I want to establish a good routine; morning, cleaning, and nighttime. I want to control my time & know it will be easier if I just work on making things a routine.

3.  keep going to the temple!!

Since the beginning of 2018, my mum & I have gone to the temple almost weekly. I want this to continue ’cause it’s the highlight of my week!

4.  journal more!!

Another thing I need to work on is journaling more. I want to remember this stage & I know I can if I journal, dang it! I find myself not remembering a lot of Wat’s first couple months because I didn’t write things down. 😦

5. live a more colorful  life!! 

I want to add so much more color to my life this year. I want more color in my wardrobe,  home, & just everything around me.

6. take my “big” camera more places!!

I often find myself not bringing my DSLR camera on our adventures or even to our parents’ houses, but I want to take my camera places and take more pictures of doing more mundane things.

7. go back to San Francisco!!

I want to go back to San Fran with Chad & bring baby Watson. I can’t wait to show off one of my favorite cities to my little boy!

8. try new places to eat!!

Honestly, we need to try soooo many new places. We always go to the SAME places!! So I want us to branch out and try all the new fun places. (If you live in AZ, please send me recommendations!!)

9. buy a house!! 

We signed another year lease on our apartment in hopes that we find an actual house (with a backyard). We have been searching for quite a while, but we are just not finding anything we really LOVE.  (*FINGERS CROSSED*)

10. start doing more with less!!

This actually has two parts in activities & at home. We have majorly been making our home more and more simple; not minimalistic by any means, just simpler! It has been so nice especially when it comes to cleaning as it is so much easier to clean! Also, I learned that Watson LOVES to go out of the house. Because of this, we try to go out once a day or at least every other day & it adds up so fast. So I want to do more adventures/activities for cheap!

11. show off more of my quirky side!! 

I love being quirky & I have a NEED TO THEME (as my sister says!). I want to show off more of that this next year.

12. cook more!! (& meal plan!!)

As a wife, it is hard to say what I am the worst at, but it’s definitely between keeping up on laundry and actually cooking meals. I want to cook more this next year & learn tricks to making great dinners. I need to meal plan, especially with Wats & Chad’s crazy work schedule. Crock-pot dinners are definitely in my future.

13. don’t stress as much; don’t give my anxiety power!!

It’s pretty self-explanatory. I don’t want to give into my anxious side, but instead just GO & DO STUFF!!

14. be a better friend!!

I am a pretty low-maintence friend, but I need to check in more on my friends & let them know I am thinking about them. Basically, I want to maintain friendships a little better.

15. spread more positive messages (& more consistently, obvi)!!

Use more positive affirmations when talking with people and when sharing on social media. Because EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE HAPPY!!

16. be more creative!!

& with that, ACTING on my creativity. I want to figure out more creative solutions, adventures, and activities & EXECUTE them!!

17.  go camping. 

(notice there is no exclamation points behind that…) Chad BEGS to go camping, but I am more of a hotel-person. I want to branch out and go camping & do it mostly for Chad haha!! I don’t know how soon this will happen though, AZ is having a huge no-camping thing due to high fire hazards…

18. make progress on my Bachelor’s Degree (& almost complete it!!)

We finish up the Pathway program in a couple weeks so, we will officially be in the BYU-Idaho system next semester!! So by next year, I hope to be almost done with my BA. HOLLA!!

19. establish more consistent editing in photography!!

Although I have made more progress in editing & creating an editing style, I want to make it more ME. I want people to look at a photo & be like “yep, that’s Lauren!”.

20.  learn how-to watercolor!! 

This is just for fun, but I really would like to learn how to watercolor & develop that talent.

21. read a book every 1-2 weeks!!

I was doing this a little while back, but fell out of the habit. My mum & sister always quote that if you read a book a week in just one subject, by the end of the year you basically could have a PH.D on it. Now I don’t know how true that is, but it makes you realize just how much we could be learning on a weekly/yearly basis. & remember,

readers are leaders!!!

22. make home videos!!

I am, in no way,  a “vlogger”, but I want to be able to remember our family’s memories and be able to show what our life is like at this stage. Probably going to be just little videos from Snapchat, but I want to get more “professional” in a sense so they will be timeless.


This is a big goal, but I hope by next birthday, I will finally go to the city of my dreams; LONDON.

PS Don’t worry though cause 99.9% of these glitter shots looked like this:



So, before I sign off on my birthday, I wanted to say one of the little early presents that Prince Charming, aka Chad, got me…


He got me these little balloon dog earrings!! I am shook. I didn’t ask for these, didn’t know they even existed, but Chad knows me so well & it was the sweetest thing ever. I love him so dang much!! He is truly my favorite, ever.





xoxo, L

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