rad dad, Chad!!

Yesterday was Father’s Day & although I posted on other social media outlets about my love and appreciation for my Chad. I wanted to be a little more in-depth here…

Here we go…

Growing up, I made several “lists” of what I wanted in a future husband. The top of the list always had the same thing, “a great dad to our someday kids” (or along those lines;). I knew that was so important because I knew he would be our kids’ first male role model! Well, Chad has exceeded any expectations in the father role. He has changed diapers, sang to Watson, played so much it wore both him & Wats out, and even sings songs to him. He does so so so much for Watson and is always willing to help out no matter the situation.




He is beyond patient. He is loving. He lives up to the hype of how amazing he is!

I wouldn’t want to raise our babies with anyone else!!

He is so rad! We love our Chad the Dad!

Happy Father’s Day, C!!

xoxo, L

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