Watson turns One!

Friends, I have a ONE YEAR OLD.

I can’t believe it. I could cry. Time flies too fast.

It seems like yesterday (or another life ago) that we announced we were pregnant!


& when we did maternity pictures in California


but, suddenly he was here!!

Watson was born on May 11th, 2017. He met cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends. He is definitely SO SO loved!


When we took him home from the hospital, we quickly realized that he was an absolute DREAM BABY. We would have to wake him up for feedings and as soon as he was back to birth weight, he was sleeping through the night. He definitely was not a snuggle/cuddly newborn! He liked HIS space. He wanted to be set down and to figure it out himself; which I definitely was not prepared for!

Being a family of three was a surprisingly easy. Chad even said it too! It wasn’t like we skipped a beat… We are so happy to experience life TOGETHER!

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We showed Watson our favorite places:

In the first year of life, Watson has:

  • Visited FOUR lds temples (Gila Valley, Mesa, Gilbert, and Salt Lake City)
  • Visited TWO new states (Utah & California)
  • Flew in an airplane (crazy, because I didn’t fly in an airplane until I was 14!)
  • Been on a road trip (TWO actually!)



  • W crawls on hands and feet (people call him Mogely)
  • says “dada”, “momma” for mom, “mamamamama” for grandma, & “papa” for grandpa
  • waves at EVERYONE
  • loves pushing things around while walking
  • can pivot without holding on to anything!!


& just a couple more favs from the past year:



This past Monday, we finally CELEBRATED his birthday since we were in California his actual birthday!



Our lovely friend, Madi, made Watson’s smash cake. She is SO talented and I couldn’t wait for her to work her magic on this cake. It was absolutely PERFECT!!

Watson is so detailed, he literally just took off the sprinkles first! hahah



There was so many people there who love him. He was showered with presents & good times with our families.





We are obsessed with you baby Wats! You are an absolute DREAM.

We love you forever!!!


xoxo, L



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