We got home from Utah & we were ready to head off to our next adventure!

Food poisoning delayed us a couple days, but we headed out (later than scheduled) and we made it to sunny California!

This was Watson’s birthday trip. We had it planned for so long because we knew we wanted to do something special (just our little family) to celebrate his FIRST birthday!

The first day we had to deal with crazy hotel mix-ups and we ended up heading to Pacific Beach (near San Diego). Chad & I came here a couple years ago (when we went to the San Diego Zoo) and we have kinda deemed it ours. We have an inexpensive hotel we LOVE that is like a 30 second walk to the beach. The beach is never crazy packed. & has a Rubio’s down the street.


This was the only picture we got at the beach (in our little sun canopy)! Wats wasn’t a huge fan, but give him time cause it’s in his blood to be obsessed with the beach!!!


That night, we ate Rubio’s (of course!) and hung around the hotel room. Watson loved crawling around!!


The next day, we were off to our next adventure….


SLC-9SLC-10 Super blurry, but Watson was baby Buzz & I die every time I see pictures of him in that little onesie! We always get his Disney onesies off clearance several months before (like his Hook costume) so, it is always SO FUN when he actually gets to wear them.


We got through security, got on the tram, got tickets, got into the park, & Watson had a blow out. So Buzz was no longer an option. 😦 (me & him ended up matching instead tho!!)



It was Pixar Fest & I WAS IN LOVE! Disney-Pixar movies are some of my favorites: Inside Out, Finding Nemo/Dory, Toy Story (obvi), and the list goes on.

Our first ride (as a family of three) was special. We did “Small World” which was also the first ride Chad & I did when we came here on our honeymoon! Watson LIT UP as soon as the ride started as he recognized the tune from his little music box (his souvenir from the Musical Instrument Museum that we got a couple months ago!).


& of course, we got our traditional Mickey pretzels!! (I DREAM ABOUT THESE!!!)


We parked hopped the entire day (our first time doing it) & it was really surprising how fun and easy it was!!


(one of the only “nice” pictures I got on my camera that day…oops!)


We tried the new Pixar Pier Parfait (Lemon soft serve with Blue Raspberry slushy in the middle) from the new Adorable Snowman stand in California Adventure. IT WAS SO GOOD!!

& We also ate in California adventure for dinner! I got the Mac & Cheese in the bread bowl and I wish I could go back just to have it again…SO GOOD.



We did more rides and had so much fun.


We headed back to Disneyland to get a pic in front of the castle!


Gosh, I love my little family!!

At the end of the day, when we were driving to our hotel, I expected C to say something about how difficult it was having a child with us at Disney…he never did but, he said how excited he was to go back with him AGAIN. (obviously, I married a keeper!)

We went back to our hotel and did all the usual stuff. Our hotel was AMAZING! like we won’t stay anywhere else in Anaheim! We met the head of the HR at breakfast and we mentioned to her that it was Watson’s birthday that day. She went and got a little birthday hat for him and took a picture of him. SO SWEET!!


We went upstairs to finish packing and our phone rang. We were confused because check out wasn’t for another hour or so, but we picked it up & it was Geraldlin (the head of HR) asking if she could bring up a present for Watson.

Country Inn & Suites

She brought up treats, a print, a stuffed animal, and a card from the staff. It was so kind and I almost cried because of how sweet it was. It was so thoughtful & personal!!


The rest of the day we spent driving home. Unfortunately, Watson did spend most of his first birthday driving in the car, but he won’t remember! We actually celebrated his birthday with family this past Monday! Figured it was time 😉


More soon!!


xoxo, L





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