Temple Square & Heading Home – Utah Day Three

Hi friends!

We come to day three of our Utah adventures. To be honest, we spent the majority of the day relaxing or driving so this is not a picture overload post.

We were able to go to church, but it started at one. Our normal church time is 8 am so we were happy to sleep in, enjoy breakfast, and not rush to get ready.

We went to church & sat in the front row. Honestly, we suck at getting to church on time normally so we are usually out in the hall for the first little bit so this was a HUGE change. I was nervous that Watson was going to have a meltdown in front of everyone. But, he did SO well. I always get nervous, but he is seriously always a dream baby!

Funny story: So, we sat in the front row. Well, Watson has never realized that when we sing there is someone conducting the music. He started waving at the lady who was conducting and finally we realized HE THOUGHT SHE WAS JUST WAVING AT HIM AND HE JUST KEPT WAVING AT HER!! hahaha


After church, we packed up our stuff and headed to Salt Lake City.

We made it to Temple Square, which is one of my absolute favorite places on Earth!


We visited the conference center! The conference center is where the LDS church holds a meeting every six months in which the general authorities of the church speak.

Then we headed across the street to visit the temple!






I think Watson loved it too 😉

We got to show him the Salt Lake City temple. It is always so special to visit this temple because it is an icon for the LDS church. It took FORTY (40) YEARS to build, they cut everything by hand, and there is symbols ALL over it.


I had the privilege several years ago to actually do an endowment session at this temple & it still brings a smile to my face!!

Temple Square-2Temple SquareTemple Square-3


We also got to see the Church Headquarters building, which I always love!


We walked by the temple one last time before heading out…


I didn’t get a picture with all three of us here & it made me so sad! Next time we go, we will have to do it first thing.


We went to the airport and waited to get on a plane to go home. Surprisingly, Watson fell asleep on the plane (he rarely falls asleep on us!). It was a good flight and we came home and got ready for our next adventure!

xoxo, L






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