Sammy’s Baptism & the Logan Temple – Utah Day Two & Three

Hi Friends!

Life got crazy (of course) so I have been so slow to post all the rest of our adventures, but I am working on it!

So the second day in Utah was crazy. Watson woke up early and woke us up by throwing up. We accounted it to maybe too much formula the previous day (got 4 bottles instead of 3). We cleaned him up, got ready to go to Sammy’s baptism, and headed out.

My brother told us the baptism was at 9:30 and when we were all ready at 9:20, he comes out and goes “oh! It isn’t really until 10, but I wanted you guys to all be on time…”. We run on “Fetter Standard Time” which is usually leaving the house when things actually start, making us about 5-10 minutes late! hahaha

But, I am so proud of my niece, Sammy, for choosing to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!


My brother, Shawn, and her dad, baptized her and it was such a sweet moment.

Utah-SammysBaptism-24Utah-SammysBaptism-21All Watson wanted to do was touch her! hahaha he wouldn’t stop doing it when we tried to take a picture.


This was the whole reason we came to Utah. We all wanted to see Sammy and support her decision with love!

We took a few pictures on the cute porch & soon my siblings and their spouses joined in the fun!


After, we had a luncheon at Sammy’s mom’s home. We ended up going back to the house earlier than everyone else because Watson got sick again. We finally narrowed it down to the puff snacks were making him not feel good! It was insane, but after a nap, you could tell he felt better.

In the afternoon, after he woke up, we were ready to get out of the house for a minute.


(pls notice the stripes on stripes that C put him in!)


So, we took a small nature walk to a near-by park.

In our house, we call nature more “neature” because gosh, it is NEAT!!


I love that in Utah you can sit outside in the grass without getting heat exhaustion! In another life, I definitely lived in Utah!!


(one of my all-time favorite pics!!!)

We headed back and eventually put Watson down again for another nap. & we escaped to the Logan temple with my brother, dad, and nephew!!! YAY!!


Ain’t she a beaut!?!?! This temple was completed in 1884. That was like only 100 (and some) years after THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE!!! Isn’t that crazy?!



I love the castle-like elements from this temple!

& the pretty tulips!!!


It was so fun exploring the grounds. I love visiting these new temples and seeing how different these temples are.


I love the sweet, peaceful, and familiar feeling that always is on the temple grounds!! No matter how different the temple is, it always is like coming home.


This is the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. The temple is a way to connect us with the other side of the veil to help BOTH of us draw closer to our Heavenly Parents.


Happy Sabbath, friends!!

xoxo, L



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