Utah – Day One

Hiiii Friends!

The last seven days has been an ADVENTURE to say the least!! Several weeks ago after planning our California trip, my brother came to my family and asked if we all would like to go to Utah for his daughter’s baptism. UHHH YESSS!!! 

It was a total blast. I try to convince Chad on the daily to move to Utah! haha All the homes are beyond gorgeous and our VRBO was basically my dream home. I even tried to convince Chad to send Goldie up and we could just live here! hahaVRBO-2

Definitely checks the dream home box for plenty of natural light!!


We stayed in Smithville, which is like a small town outside of Logan. It was dreamy. I really wish we could move there! It had the small town feel and still had a Walmart (but, missing a Target so maybe we couldn’t ACTUALLY live there).

Photo May 04, 7 57 27 AMOur flight there was sooo early, like we met up at my brother’s house at 4:45am early. It was Watson’s first time flying and he surprisingly loved it.

We love having the time to just spend with family and getting to know them better. Traveling always brings out something different in people!

Day one consisted of many naps to recoup from the early morning flight, the beginning of many nature walks along the picturesque neighborhood and the backyard creek, and yummy Five Guys!



Also, how EXTRA are my sunglasses?! I freaking LOVE THEM.

& it was May the Fourth, so obviously Chad and Wats were decked in their Star Wars attire. Gosh, I love them!


xoxo, L




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