Alyssa & Daniel – Couple’s Session | Arizona Couple Session

Hi friends!

I am still getting caught up on editing all my sessions (which is such a GOOD problem to have, cause it means I am busy!!), but I just sent this one off yesterday & couldn’t wait to share with you!


I first met Alyssa through a mutual friend and you know those friends that you two go through something dramatic together and it just like bonds you forever? Yeah, that’s our friendship!

But, Alyssa was actually the friend that told me about the game night where I met my Prince Charming, Chad.

It has been so fun to see each other grow and develop.

AND her and her boyfriend, Daniel, are such a perfect match.



It was so cute to see their relationship!

It was obvious that they were deeply in love and treated each other with respect & did so SO kindly.

But, they know how to have fun and goof off!



I love the fun love they have!

But, the absolute best part of our session was the last pose. I had Daniel whisper in Alyssa’s ear what his absolute favorite quality about her. It was so sweet and tender!

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!

xoxo, L


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