Thursday Thoughts

A couple years ago, Holy Week (the week before Easter) fell around the same time as it does this year.

Easter Sunday is also the first Sunday of April, or in the LDS world that means that it is also General Conference weekend.

Back to the story – A couple of years ago, I was in Utah staying with a good friend. I flew in on Thursday & right after I flew in we did a session at the Salt Lake Temple (which was a dream come true!).


This time in my life was so instrumental to how the rest of my life would be. I just purchased a contract for an apartment in Provo and decided to move up there for the summer. My family was about to be sealed in the temple. And I was at crossroads, dating-wise.

That Thursday morning, I remember being on social media before my flight.

I saw a snippet of what Thursday in the Holy Week was. It was the day of the Last Supper, the day the Atonement was performed.

As we waited to go into the session at the SLC temple, I looked over and saw this picture:


I immediately thought “this is the same day that this happened”. This is the day of the week, IN the Holy Week, that THIS happened! It was such a special feeling to be in the temple on the day that symbolized the Atonement was performed.

I have learned a lot about the Atonement since then & I have gained new appreciation of it too.

This year, I realized something else for Thursday during Holy Week. It also was the day of the Last Supper.

Jesus Washing Feet

Al Fox-Carraway summed up my thoughts for this Holy Week perfectly

” I’m a girl of many words, yet I always find myself speechless this entire week.

Too personal & too deep. Too profound & too sacred.

Just no words to do it anywhere close to justice. Just goosebumps & humility.”



As I think of my own blessed life, I realize that I am no where without the Saviour.

He is truly the Christ.

He truly lives!

& we truly need Him every hour of every day.



xoxo, L




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