Weekend Update

Well guys, I survived.

You would think staying home with Watson makes me equipped to handle him during church, but baby boy does NOT like to stay still. & I try really hard to keep him content in my lap.

Chad started his new primary calling (which he LOVES) & Watson even woke up from his mini nap (in the mother’s lounge) to let me go to half of relief society. SCORE!!!!




Ugh, I love them.


Just a little recap of our week:

Monday, we went to our eye appointments & grocery shopping (adulting real hard, obvi). After, we celebrated by taking Wats to the Disney store!!

Photo Mar 05, 3 01 21 PM

I got magic mail from Oh Yeah Apparel & I am obsessed. The pins are AMAZING quality & already planning to order more!

Photo Mar 10, 2 55 39 PM

Thursday we did another weekly trip to the temple. My mom & I have been going (mostly) every week, early morning on Thursdays.

It has been such a nice time to reflect & redirect myself every week. Also, I have learned SO MUCH by being in Heavenly Father’s home each week.

Photo Mar 08, 7 43 55 AM

So here’s to another week! Hopefully it’s a good one!! 🙂

xoxo, L

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