Another Sparkling Sabbath

We took our Sunday picture in front of our heart wall this week (& ps, no baby Watson because church wore him out!)

I am so happy with how the heart wall came out! I diy-ed it & loved that it came out so cute.

Also, with these self-timer photos, you never quite know how they will turn out. LOL! But, I love that picture on the right. When I met Chad, I wasn’t expecting to meet someone that would turn my world around. I was supposed to go on a mission, I wasn’t supposed to be falling in love. I was young, he was cute, and we fell in love despite everything else. The best part? Chad promised to wait for me when I left on that mission, and trust me when I say, without a doubt that he would of. But, the Lord’s ways (& timing!) isn’t all what we have in mind, and I am so glad I chose Chad in the end.

& more importantly, he chose me.

Sunday-Feb 11-Valentine's-13

You know what they say, “Choose your love & love your choice!”.

Well, I sure do.

Happy Sabbath!

xoxo, L

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