Glitter & Happiness x LoveLight Paper

I got the lovely opportunity to work with Chelcea at Lovelight Paper and let me just say I am DYING over how gorgeous her products were!!!

Lovelight-Product Photographs-109

Even from the smallest of details like the gift tags, each are so unique and effortlessly beautiful.

Lovelight-Product Photographs-107Lovelight-Product Photographs-96

I mean does anyone else get a calendar & immediately flip to see what is on their birth month!?!

& I am a sucker for gorgeous painted lemons.

Lovelight-Product Photographs-100


And I also got to photograph her cute recipe cards.

Maybe this will make me want to actually cook more?? PROBABLY!



And the real kicker was this amazing package…


Lovelight is came out with a “Year of Cards” which has 25 different cards for ANY occasion (or just because) you will come in contact with over a year.

I loved it because I felt like it was like a magician pulling out the scarfs from his sleeve, just kept coming and coming and coming!


I just loved it!!!

Here’s just a small peek of what some of the cards are like…

Lovelight-Product Photographs-21

However, the absolute best part is that each product that is purchased from her shop goes to buying a meal for a child in need.

Lovelight-Product Photographs-19.jpg

Can’t you tell how much I LOVED working with Lovelight Paper?!

xoxo, L.

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