Prophets & Temples

580-First Presidency2

Yesterday was a pretty significant day in the LDS church. We received our 17th president and new First Presidency.

President Russell M. Nelson is now prophet with first counselor being Dallin H. Oaks and second counselor being Henry B. Eyring.

I wish I could describe the sweet Spirit that I felt as I watched the special message, in which they announced these new changes, yesterday. I am so grateful for modern-day prophets and the revelation they receive on our behalf.  Another thing that I am really grateful for is that these men aren’t “elected” to these vital positions. There is no campaigning. That is because they are chosen from God. I fully believe that. Also, if you saw my Instagram yesterday I am repeating myself, but it is completely necessary.

Change is always scary for some. President Monson had such a cheerful countenance. President Nelson has a little less enthusiasm, however he is just as compassionate and loving.

Most importantly, I sustain them with every fiber in my being.


We decided on Monday to go get a picture in front of the temple, since we didn’t get a family picture on Sunday.

I am so excited to see our little family grow (NOT PREGNANT) and develop in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The next pictures were not planned at all (hence the blurry picture), just look how happy Watson was playing with his dad. :’)


Life is VERY good, my friends.

xoxo, L

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