L reads books: Washington Hypothesis

Did you know in between wrangling the crawling baby, taking my puppy potty, maintaining my mountain of school work, and curating/editing amazing photographs, that I LOVE TO READ?!

Washington Hypothesis

It’s true.

You can usually find me in this spot, on the blue comfy couch under the window, while Watson is napping, reading.

Washington Hypothesis-2

So, I just finished the Washington Hypothesis by Timothy Ballard.

It was about George Washington and his spiritually & how that could connect to Mormonism today. I loved learning about the spiritual experiences that surround the Revolution because most (if not all) have been taken out of the History books (church and state, remember?!).

George Washington has always been so intriguing to me. Between the story of him being on the horse during battle and having bullets in his jacket, but remaining completely unharmed to becoming the first President of the United States and swearing in holding his hand on a Bible. He was such a great man, that is clear.

So, it was amazing. & it made my history nerd inside Oh-so-happy!!

xoxo, L

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