favorite mondays

happy monday!

I love when I (actually) get my husband home on Mondays; it makes them suck less. & Watson loves when he is home too.

Watson even gets to help him with his assignments!

Speaking of assignments… I finally finished my institute project. & as much fun as I had reflecting on my course (Foundations of the Restoration), I am so glad it’s done.

Also, this week EVERYTHING comes back.

Insitute, School, Grey’s Anatomy.

It is fully back into the routine.


But, my favorite thing of my New Year-New Routine is my mom (sassy momma fetter) and I have been going to the temple once a week. We go EARLY (LIKE WAY EARLY) so we can both go before she heads off to work and Chad leaves for work. But, it has been so amazing to be in the temple every week and I always leave feeling refreshed & renewed.

(the second picture was blurry cause we were in a hurry lol)

Early this morning, I talked to my friend in the Philippines. Tomorrow, she is flying out to another island to go to the temple and get married & sealed to her fiancé. As I spoke with her, I realized how blessed I am to be in the geographic location I am. We are about 10-15 minutes from the Gilbert temple & 20-25 minutes to the Mesa temple. That is pretty spoiled. I am so blessed to be able to partake in the spiritual blessings that comes from having 2 Houses of the Lord be so close.

Gilbert Temple-Revived-Digital Download



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