Christmas Magic

Although I am still trying to finish editing a couple sessions, Christmas is in full swing over here at the Ruettinger home.

So here is a little peek of our Christmas decor this year!


We got this new llama Christmas countdown & I just love it. It is so us.


Disco ball ornament because IT’S ALWAYS A PARTY OVER HERE!


Did you know these bristle trees are my favorite? I keep adding a couple each year & this year some came with glitter!! AHH!!!


& obviously this goes without saying šŸ˜‰


But, a main thing I do each year is try to include Christ in our Christmas decor/activities.

This year I painted 12 names of Christ on bulb ornaments. Actually, they are the only bulb ornaments on our tree!


Each name has a different color ornament.

Here are the names I used:

  • king of kings
  • Savior
  • Christ
  • Redeemer
  • Beloved
  • Begotten Son
  • Lamb of God
  • Light
  • Immanuel
  • Teacher
  • Rock
  • Advocate


Also, this week my parents dropped off a special early Christmas present.


We grew up with the tradition of the “Giving Manger” before it was even a thing. My mom would put out this little wooden manger during the first part of December and we would put in a piece of straw for each good deed we did.


So when my parents showed up with this little manager, it was so special. My dad cut all the wood for us siblings. & now I get to share this little tradition in my own family.



xoxo, L

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