Watson-four months-5.jpg

Watson-four months-4.jpg

YOU: always rolling over. forever obsessed with your lovey. basically a little fish. ALREADY ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES trying to crawl. always staring at Goldie girl. loves that you get to spend time weekly with both grandmas. ticklish everywhere, especially on the thighs. loving that formula life. loving being lifted up into the air and thinks it’s the most hilarious thing ever. taking about 3-4 naps a day, one of those being like 3-4 hours. getting more chubby and more happy with ever passing day!

ME: doing more photography then ever. listening to Look What You Made Me Do on repeat. made a major change. HALLOWEEN EVERYTHING, with so many Halloween projects! re-watching Gossip Girl. loving that I am back in school (especially institute!). still trying to find a bridesmaid dress for my bff’s wedding. learned hot glue does not work on candles. spending more time with friends. realized that deep down, my true personality is Leslie Knope.

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