thoughts on being a young mom

This week, C & I started our institute class. Ahhh! How I have missed institute class!

Thankfully, Sassy Momma Fetter is SUCH a blessing to watch baby W while we are in class every Tuesday night. (& I think she secretly LOVES it!)

We are in institute because C & I are starting the BYU Pathway program in a few weeks! Honestly, this is a major blessing because I love school and could not probably afford to go to school otherwise. I can’t wait to get my degree & my husband will be in school with me at the same time!


But, other then school approaching and trying VERY hard to avoid the daily struggle of putting Halloween decorations up too early, my days are full of this guy…


(& if you can’t tell, he is still obsessed with that dang lovey!)

You know, being a young millennial mom is hard. Like REAL hard.

Let me tell you FOMO (fear of missing out) is real!! People my age aren’t even really married and to throw a kid on top of it is mostly unheard of, even in the Mormon community. Even though getting married young(er) is common in the area I live in, people are choosing to hold off on becoming parents. Most the time, they are in school or trying to further their career and trying to reach their goals BEFORE having kids. Now, we are going to have to reach our goals WHILE being parents. (Which in NO way is a bad thing, it’s harder but worth it!!!!)

“64% of moms say that parenting is more competitive today than it used to be, with 3 out of 4 admitting that it’s important to try to be a “perfect” mom. Interestingly, that number is higher among stay-at-home moms.”

With social media and so-called “Mommy Bloggers”, motherhood is no longer just a thing you do, it seems to be something people now PUBLICLY do.

When you have worked (and worked hard) and loved your job, to suddenly just not go back to work since you have a baby, it is rough. It is an adjustment. It is a lifestyle CHANGE. You get to stay home with your baby which is magically and magnificent, but now you are solely in charge of the huge pile of dishes in the sink and the overflowing laundry that you just wish could fold itself. It’s a new job, a harder one & a one that you can’t just “quit” from.

Also, the world is always going to hate on you for SOMETHING you are doing parenting-wise, but my advice for young parents? Do your research & then YOU DO YOU!

However, I can’t complain about baby W too much. He is a DREAM. Literally, a dream. Like so much so that I am nervous to even THINK about a sibling for him! He sleeps from 6:30/7pm to 5:30/6:30am, EVERY NIGHT. In fact, he has been doing this since a month old but I didn’t want to jinx it. & he is SO dang content. Also, now he is getting older, he is just so DANG happy. A dream, people, a perfect, dream baby!

Anyways, life is hard enough. Be nice to yourself (especially the young parents). & always remember you are doing the best you can!



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