YOU: love the Yoda pose. found your “lovey” this last month. always trying to suck on your fingers. no longer being swaddled (because you like the blanket up by your face WAY TOO MUCH). barely hanging on to being in 0-3 month clothing & will soon grow out of them. weighed 12 lbs & 8 oz at your last doctors appointment. also, somehow grew another 2 inches (now 24 inches long!). you are happiest right when you wake up (obviously did not get that from me, thanks chadwick for THAT gene!). happy when people make you dance by moving your arms back and forth. overall, the most happy and content baby I have EVER met! it isn’t often, but boy! when you are mad, you are MAD. love to hold your head up even if it is still a little wobbly at times. always thinking that if “the sky is awake, so I am awake!”.  the bath is your happy place. constantly cuddling ANYTHING you can get into your arms!

ME: organizing and put back together our little home after our move. CAN’T STOP (WON’T STOP) DECORATING. almost has Watson’s nursery put together. working harder and doing more photography shoots than ever & loving it more and more. stopped pumping. currently reading “Temple Symbols” and it’s so good! so much happier after a couple of hard months. hate the fact that you has a lovely (& it was a gift so basically will NEVER be able to find the same one ever again if it gets lost in the future, we are screwed). Always hanging with one of my partners in crime (Chad, W, Shara, or Goldie). getting somewhat settled into a routine.


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