the Yosemite adventures

After Oakland, we headed to the beautiful Yosemite valley in California.

We spent two days here, mostly unplugged from the world (which was really nice!).

The majority of our time we spent exploring.

honeymoon3 180

honeymoon3 172

Mostly though, we just took silly and fun photos in the woods!

honeymoon3 132 honeymoon3 134 honeymoon3 133 honeymoon3 131 honeymoon3 166 honeymoon3 167

DATE NIGHT: Jurassic Park 2: lost world & chocolate chex mix

The day we left, we went up to a lookout by Glacier Point (Glacier Point was full).

It was definitely breath-taking!

*that half-dome though!!*

Then we headed to our hotel in Hollywood to stay the night and in the morning we were going to the Happiest Place on Earth!!

xoxo, L


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