july is my favorite (with good reason!)

Hello there!

Sorry, I haven’t written much lately! Life has been happening!!!

July is always my favorite month.

July 3rd is my birthday. It was such a great day full of shopping with S and going on a wild goose chase (a scavenger hunt) because of Chad! (He is seriously the greatest!!!)

But mostly, this birthday was special because I said GOODBYE to teenage years! Crazy, right?!

The most important thing EVER happened though!

On July 10th, 2015 I got sealed to my best friend for eternity.

Forever with my Chad.


9B8A1025 9B8A1041 9B8A1047first look

9B8A1230 9B8A1152 9B8A1206 9B8A1516 9B8A1790 9B8A1979

so in love with my HUSBAND

9B8A1405 9B8A1390

Sentimental details: When I was at the airport leaving to the Missionary Training Center in Utah, Chad

handed me an envelope as we handshaked good-bye (I was already set apart at the time). The envelope read “Do not open until on the plane”. I opened it when I got to my seat inside was a note that said “it always belonged to you” and

that key was inside (key says heart on it).

I sewed a yellow heart into Chad’s tie. (Yellow being Chad’s favorite color)

9B8A5135 9B8A5145 9B8A5162 9B8A5166 9B8A5174 9B8A5186 9B8A5196 9B8A5201 9B8A5216 9B8A5223 9B8A5230 9B8A5245 9B8A5257


9B8A5270 9B8A5299 9B8A5304 9B8A5309 9B8A5324 9B8A5377 9B8A5400 9B8A5423 9B8A5409 9B8A5445

families are forever, truely.

9B8A5343 9B8A5364

nieces & nephews

9B8A5459 9B8A5498 (1) 9B8A5508


9B8A5517 9B8A5523

best groomsmen & bridesmaids ever!

Yeah, July 10th really was the best day ever.

I am so in love with my husband, and we only grow more in love everyday!

Married life is the best.

Spending every moment with your best friend rocks.

Chad is truly the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

You’re my favorite, Chadwick!

xoxo, L.

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