hello world, it’s me Lauren.


(yes I am trying to pretend I am British still, sorry some things will never change…)

Well twenty-fifteen has been a whirlwind and we are only in June!

To catch you up my year has gone like this…


  • My friend, Ashlyn, started taking pictures and asked me if I would like to model for her


  • The guy I was dating at the time and I broke up (later to realize it was for the better…)


  • After 36 years of marriage, my parents were sealed in the Gilbert arizona temple (on the day after their wedding anniversary)


  • I started to seriously consider all the good in my life and decided to stop taking them for granted.
  • My friends and I went to Snowflake, Arizona for the weekend (where I semi-conquered my fear of heights and went repelling off a mountain, sorry mum!)

10408637_10203927092993115_7285186046232619508_n (1)

10944704_10203927094673157_1458081980553465852_n 11009162_10203927095673182_3102956564388138494_n


  • California trip with my best friends!

10675601_10204120448226875_7967912145110026631_n 13827_10204120452426980_4492093191107687081_n

  • lots of temple dates with Sassy Momma Fetter


  • Trip to Utah


  • First time going to LDS General Conference!!!!!!!!!

11038387_10204220446566771_1627223694242374127_n 11138632_10204220447686799_133785508573664556_n

  • Stayed with my friend, Jordan, who lived in Ogden (and it was my first time there!)
  • Lots more of temple sessions (Salt Lake City & Ogden)


  • YSA dodgeball
  • me and my siblings being sealed to each other and our parents!!!! (I waited for this day since I was basically born…)


  • my oldest brother, Shawn, got engaged to a WONDERFUL girl
  • Also, me and Chad got back together…. more on that later….


  • sealings, sealings, more sealings, and also bridal showers!
  • me and chad decide to get married…. and he gets me the most perfect ring. (how did I get so lucky?!?)
  • ENGAGED!!!!


  • mother’s day
  • my friend, garrett, moves to utah.
  • Paityn got baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


  • wedding receptions


  • took our engagement photos (Kylee Patterson is seriously amazing!!)

IMG_8275 IMG_8501 IMG_9039 IMG_8735

  • Tayler, my niece, graduated from elementary school.


  • got a selfie stick (treat yo self)
  • got my wedding dress
  • started my summer preschool teacher job

June (we are currently here!):

  • addressed and sent out wedding invitations
  • night hike double date to the Wind Caves
  • my bridal shower (still weird that it was my bridal shower…)


  • finishing up wedding planning

yep, life has been crazy but life has been good!

xoxo, L.

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