C + L

Ok, so let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

My phone rang around eight on an early May night, and determined to stay in that night I was hesitant to answer it. But, I did.

It was my friend, Alyssa, asking me to come to this game night. She tried to pull me in with things like “cute guys are here” (which she was right about) and “lots of fun games” and “tons of new faces”. If you know anything about me, I love socializing and I LOVE meeting new people!

I finally agreed to go, and I am so glad I did.

There I met a guy named Chad Ruettinger.  He was tall, cute, and had a yellow phone. We played a game, ended up sitting by me, and asked me if I wanted to go to iHop. I said yes! We went and had cinnamon pancakes, and that was where it all began….

He got my number that night. We started to go on dates and hung out everyday.

I had a mission call for my church at the time and so we were both hesitant to jump into anything…

We knew we liked each other, we knew we even loved each other!

We were each others first kiss, which is actually my favorite thing to brag about!

But, the time came and I was determined to serve a mission. I left to the MTC and felt I made a terrible mistake and came home to marry Chad, six days after reporting.

Chad proposed (for the first time) that night. He “surprised” me by coming down the hallway in my house to Bruno Mars’ Treasure and ended it with Marry You  and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes (even though he only had a ring pop ;)!


We were engaged! We were told we were crazy because after 3 months of knowing each other we were going to get married. We were told to wait and “date more” before setting a wedding date.

Then in August, after doing a session at the Gilbert LDS temple, he proposed with a real ring. It was beautiful and the sunset made it perfect.

2015-05-31 23.56.40

We were happily engaged!

But, we still were not to set an official wedding date as we still needed to date more.

We dated more, we grew more comfortable and stopped doing some of the fun stuff we were doing (like going out on dates). During this time, we grew apart.

We went on a trip to California with some friends. This weekend changed everything. While we were in California, we had our first fight. Disclaimer: we had little things here and there but don’t we all?!

This was more of a public fight too, everyone we were with tried to get involved it was messy.

Although we both said “sorry” and acted like nothing happened, it was obvious that it most certainly did happen and we were not getting over it well.

We broke off our engagement a week later. This was not just about the fight. We felt distant from each other and felt we lost ourselves in the process. The whole thing kinda felt like a show for the world, when in reality love is just not a thing you can just fake on social media. We were in love, but because of our situations, we did not know what love entailed really.

*insert a period of about six months of growing and stretching. During this time, we both dated other people, we grew and developed ourselves and lots of other stuff I am not going to put here*

*also insert lots of people asking “what happened” and “when is the wedding” and other questions that was awkward to answer.*

In April, I remember coming home one day from work and my mom asking me if I ever wanted Chad back. I did. Every fiber wanted him back in my life and for good.

Needless to say, after a lot of stuff, we got back together.

It was like we didn’t skip a beat.

Heavenly Father knows what He is doing, realize that and you will be happy! (just trust me)

We are better and stronger because of it. Honestly, we grow more in love with each other everyday.

And if something bugs us about the other we just say “ohhhhh i love youuuu” and move on.

However, when we got back together, we decided that since we were engaged before that we weren’t going to get back together to just break up later on… it was for realies this time!

We set a date (July 10th) and booked the temple and we are GETTING MARRIED.

IMG_8396 IMG_8977 IMG_8628 IMG_8987

Timing is seriously everything.

And I am so excited to start my life with Chad and be Mrs. Ruettinger! We always knew it was each other so it’s weird how we got here, but love always finds a way!

(also a special shoutout to all those who have stuck by our sides through it all and supported us!! LOVE YOU GUYS!)

We are down to 23 days until we are sealed for time and all eternity!

Our honeymoon is all booked, we got our wedding attire ready, and invites went out last week.

We are pumped for this whole marriage thing, bring it on!

xoxo, L

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