(month one)

YOU: roll over from back to belly, but only on the couch. are content laying on a blanket watching the world go by. must be swaddled to stay asleep, although your hands may pop out! sometimes, you can't fall asleep without someone being right next to you (& must be able to be within your eyesight). wake up at 2/3 in the morning to eat, usually falling asleep while being fed. only peed on daddy, but it was only when he mocked your pouty lip. actually starting to pay attention to what's going on around you. loved staring at fish at the aquarium & at our huge prints in our house. hard core giggle (shoulder movements and all!), but mostly when you sleep.actually smiled at daddy yesterday every time he asked you if you wanted to take a bath!!!! constantly playing with your tongue. already grown a full inch & back to birth weight. still in newborn sized diapers & clothes. love being constantly held. each time I take legit pictures of you it ends with crying (in which dad tells you "just get used to it, wats"). are happiest surrounded by cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, & great-grandparents!


ME: actually getting dressed is a major accomplishment, leaving the house is an even bigger one. usually exhausted because of the 2/3 am feeding. if I'm not feeding him a bottle, I am pumping one. trying to work on new projects while you sleep. never really getting much done, because as soon as I really get into something you wake up & need something. constantly using red lights to put your pacifier back in. loves to give eskimo kisses to you. can wear my pre-pregnancy jeans again!!! putting you in more & more Disney outfits. getting tons of questions about your middle name (Loren) and having to explain to people I didn't name you after myself...trying to give Goldie tons of attention, especially when she brings me her toys to play while I hold you. getting better at swaddling you (dad is master swaddler). dreaming of the day when you actually interact & play. putting you in your carseat really reminds me of how much you have already grown. falling even more in love with your daddy as I watch him take care and interact with you. Reminiscing about how you slept from midnight to 6 for like a week and wondering, can we repeat that please?! 


happy one month, watson.

My name is Lauren Ruettinger and I am a creative photographer in Gilbert, Arizona. My little family consists of my amazing husband, our mini Goldendoodle, and a baby boy coming in May! I always dreamed of being behind a camera and making magic.